Meet Your Therapist – Aurora Gomez

HI, WELCOME! AND THANKS FOR COMING BY OUR BLOG (no I’m not yelling at you, I’m just really excited for what’s to come). My husband and I started Move RX with the goal of changing the way you think of healthcare. To us therapy starts the moment you walk into the clinic, creating a space you and your brain feel ready to heal, train and learn. A big part of that is gaining your trust in Me, your therapist. It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know, so here is the Cliff Notes version of my story.

  • I grew up in Talent with 4 sisters and lovely parents on Fry Family Farm. Being a farmer’s daughter isn’t everything a country song makes it out to be but I learned about hard work, how to multitask, communicate with customers, the value of health and food and a love of plants and flowers.
  • Having 3 older sisters I wanted to do everything they did. With them all being active I was exposed to a lot of different sports and activities. If they climbed a tree, I would try to get higher, if they played soccer I did, if they snowboarded I was a snowboarder. I quickly fell in love with movement, strength and trusted my body to do what I asked.
  • In high school I was traveling to Mexico with Ashland Christian Fellowship and when returning, we experienced a severe car accident. This is the crux of my book, the moment that changed the rest of the story. Unable to participate in anything I loved, experiencing physical pain, having to emotionally understand loss and grieving was my first test.
  • With the support of my amazing family and community I began to heal. Then just like any good superhero, physical therapy came to save the day. But in all seriousness, it did. My therapist was kind, compassionate, pushed me just enough when I needed it and more than anything was my hero. He taught me about my injuries, about my body and the way it heals, gave me goals and timelines and slowly I was back to being Me.
  • From there out I was sold, PT was the only future for me. I went to Southern Oregon University then received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from A.T. Still University in Arizona. The desert was beautiful but this NW girl always knew coming back to Oregon was in her future. After some time in McMinnville, Portland and Bend I am happy to be back in the Rogue Valley!
  • I started out treating orthopedic injuries, so your typical spine back and neck pain, fractures, knee ankle shoulder injuries and just as in any good book there is evolution. I started treating pelvic health conditions about 10 years ago and have not looked back. I have loved specializing in pelvic health and providing relief of issues people didn’t even know they could address.
  • I LOVE my job and I am so excited to be in Ashland to share my passion for healing with you.

So that’s me, your local friendly PT. I can’t wait to meet you. Stay tuned for the sequel, Pelvic Health… Pelvic What?